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Save Money & Improve Safety with Our Tire Service

Balancing and rotating your vehicle’s tire is an easy way to save money and improve the performance and safety of your vehicle. The technicians at Moore Automotive have the proper equipment to perform comprehensive tire services. Tires that aren’t properly maintained wear down faster. Driving with bald or damaged tires put you, your family, and others on the road at risk. Let us maintain your tires with balancing, alignment, and rotation services.

Benefits of Tire Services

  • Better Gas Mileage

  • Better Traction and Vehicle Handling

  • Maximize Tire life

You can also browse our selection of tires and our team can install new tires for your right in our shop.

 If your car is experiencing uneven tire wear, pulling and/or steering problems your car may be in need of a tire rotation or alignment. Call us today for inquiries about re-alignment!

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